21-H Series Motors

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21-H Series Motors

The 21-H series three-phase high-voltage motors are designed for all applications and industries.  The 21-H Series is compatible with variable frequency drive applications.  
- Designs up to  8,000 kW
- Variety of enclosures
- Rugged, fabricated steel construction
- Designed to meet worldwide standards

- Fabricated copper bar rotor construction


21-H Series Motors Features and Benefits
Design Feature Customer Benefit
Excellent Electrical Performance

  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher power factor
  • Superior starting characteristics
Unique Modular Construction

  • Easy motor enclosure conversion:
New Compact Design
  • Extensive electrical magnetic field analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Improved ventilation
Lower Noise & Less Vibration
  • Advanced techniques in core/frame construction
Advanced VPI Insulation System
  • Can withstand higher surge
Quality Control

  • Low operating/maintenance costs
  • High reliability
  • Extended re-greasing intervals